Update on Covid Vaccination

Dear Patients

As you know we have been running the Covid Vaccination Programme since December and in that time have provided more than 30,000 vaccinations. All those patients in the high risk groups (who wanted the vaccine) have had their first dose and in a few weeks’ time, all will have had their second dose.

This has been a colossal effort and we are really proud of what our team, the volunteers and volunteer vaccinators have been able to achieve to protect our community and to get back to normality. We are grateful to them for this work.

We are also grateful that virtually all of you have taken up the offer of the vaccination and for your understanding and patience as we have gone through the process of calling you in and administering the vaccination. If you are in the high risk groups and haven’t yet replied to our invitations, please do so as soon as possible.

As you can imagine, the vaccination programme has had a significant impact on our staff who are, quite frankly, exhausted as many have been working additional hours in evenings and weekends and at short notice.  It has also impacted on the normal medical services that we offer.

We now need to focus on the resumption of all of these services which will take a lot of planning and reorganisation as we tackle the backlog that is building up in the NHS.

The second phase of the vaccination programme for the well 18-50 year olds has not really started because of the shortage of supply through April. This is now set to start as supplies come on stream in the next week or so.

Unlike the first phase, this second phase will be delivered from the Mass Vaccination Centres – the nearest one being the Kassam Stadium.  Please note that the second phase will not be delivered from our Surgery.

You can book your appointment via the National Booking System at Book a coronavirus vaccination – NHS (www.nhs.uk) or by calling 119 and you can check when you will become eligible at Who can get the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine – NHS (www.nhs.uk).

For clarification:

  • the surgery we will not be offering new vaccinations to patient under 50 without a health condition.
  • we will be completing those who need a second dose and those in the high risk groups who have not yet taken up their offer and we will be contacting you in the normal way.

We understand that there will be a new campaign in the autumn to offer boosters to the high risk groups and we will communicate how we will be doing this when we get the information.