Syringing Ears For Ear Wax

Regrettably, but in common with the other practices in the area, due to the high and increasing demands in our clinics for other procedures such as ECGs, blood tests and immunisations we no longer have capacity to provide this service. We have asked OCCG to support us by commissioning this service from practices but they have declined to do so. In addition, there is not good evidence for the benefit of ear syringing (wax serves a protective function in preventing infection in the ear canal) and there is a small risk of harm (damage to the ear canal and even perforation of the ear drum).

If you still wish to have your ears syringed, then the options available are:

  • Self-treatment
  • Referral to Ear Clinic at John Radcliffe (waiting time is approximately 12-16 weeks) – if you want this then please book a routine appointment with a Health Care Assistant who can check your ears for wax and then will arrange for your GP to do the referral.
  • Private wax removal services are available in Witney and surrounding area.

Please see our Advice & Help Section for further information.