Proxy Access for Online Service – Patient Access

Why has my child’s account been suspended?

We recognise that the age at which a young person becomes competent to make autonomous decisions about their healthcare, including who should have access to their online services, will vary from person to person.  We automatically switch off on line access to the medical records of children aged 11 to 16 following guidance from the Royal College of General Practitioners. [1] This will avoid the possibility of (a) Sudden withdrawal of proxy access by the practice alerting the parents to the possibility that the child or young person has been to the practice about something that they wish to remain private or (b) The young person being deterred from coming to the practice for help [2].

What about repeat prescriptions?

You can still order repeat prescriptions online, via our website. You will need to select the option for “General medication question”

I need access to my child’s Patient Access account. How can I do this?

The Practice is mindful of the benefits of proxy access for some children and families, whilst also protecting the small number of children and young people who could be at serious risk of harm from their family if medical information (such as use of the contraceptive pill) is inadvertently disclosed.

If you believe that there is a particular reason why you require access to your child’s online account, for example if your child(ren) has a long term condition that requires regular monitoring and medication, you may request Proxy Access.  You can do this by attending the practice or requesting this in writing. We will put the request to your child’s GP, who may request an appointment.