Privately Funded Healthcare

We are getting an increasing number of requests to provide blood tests and prescribe medication advised by private healthcare providers. Please note the following:

Private Blood Tests . Given the demands on the NHS, the practice does not have the capacity to take blood tests requested by a private clinic or consultant. If you do require private blood tests then please ensure your private healthcare provider organises these privately for you, there is likely to be a charge.

NHS Prescriptions for Private Patients – we adhere to the OCCG statement that :

  • There is no obligation for the GP to prescribe treatment recommended by a private practitioner if it is contrary to local agreement or outside normal clinical practice.
  • The NHS will not normally fund treatments that have been recommended by a private practitioner if that treatment is not normally commissioned within the local area.
  • The fact that a patient can demonstrate they have benefited from the private treatment does not necessarily provide grounds for continuing the treatment in the NHS as an exception.

This means that there is no obligation for the GP to provide an NHS prescription that you have been advised to take as part of private healthcare.

If the GP does agree to prescribe, they will have considered the following- that he/she has checked it is part of usual NHS care; that he/she is adequately informed about the treatment so can confidently and safely prescribe this within their competence; and that it is in line with OCCG guidelines which prohibit or restrict the prescription of certain medications or treatments.

In addition, GPs should only prescribe a drug recommended if there is written confirmation from a clinician including dose and duration of treatment. A shared cared arrangement/document is required for certain medications and should include advice on necessary monitoring. This may mean, that we will not be able to offer an NHS prescription and that you will have to go back to the person advising the treatment to provide the prescription.