COVID Vaccination Information

Dear Patients,

We are delighted to announce that the Windrush Practice has been selected as the site to deliver the COVID vaccinations for patients living in Witney and Eynsham. Please do not contact the surgery to book, we will have to refuse unless you have been invited.

We thank our community for your generous support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hugely appreciated. We hope this is the beginning of a return to normal life but we have two big asks to help us get there:

  • Please bear with us as we step up to deliver the vaccination program alongside normal general practice, and consider other resources such as the NHS website and local pharmacies to help self-manage problems when appropriate.
  • Consider volunteering to be trained to give vaccinations, particularly if you have any medical, nursing or first aid training; or to work as a steward To volunteer, please submit an enquiry through our website.

When will I get my vaccine?

You will be called in for the vaccine when you are eligible. This system is being run by the Primary Care Network and not by the Windrush Practice.

When will the appointments be?

We are still waiting for confirmation as to when the vaccine will be delivered. It may be that a small number of patients are offered this before Christmas, but most will be offered this throughout January and February.

Who will be called in first?

Information about the eligible cohorts is available here, along with answers to some other frequently answered questions:

We would encourage you to read the attached information leaflet, so that you can start thinking about whether you would like to receive the vaccine once you are called in.

Unfortunately, our clinicians will be unable to answer any questions about this at the moment but please rest assured that you will be provided with an opportunity to ask questions before you have the vaccine.