CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 up-date for Patients 16th March 2020

Please note all of the following:

If you have symptoms of COVID-19

If you have contacted 111 with a new cough, flu-like symptoms or a high temperature, they may have advised you contact your GP.

In this case, please telephone (i) the Practice or go to “Ask A Doctor a Question”(ii) on the website and you will be offered a telephone consultation slot with a Doctor on the day.

Please ensure that you give the Practice an accurate telephone number for them to use.

i. Telephone 01993 702911
ii. Ask a Doctor a Question: go to the Windrush Medical Practice website – click on
Reception and Enquiries” and choose this option from the middle column
If the Doctor decides that you need to visit the Practice, you will be given specific guidance as you should not use the main entrance, but will be guided to a different area of the building which will be segregated and equipped for this purpose.

The Doctor may decide that you do not need to visit the Practice. In this case, if within the next two weeks you develop a high temperature which lasts more than three days, aches, chest pain or breathlessness, you should contact 111 again for further advice.

If you need an urgent appointment

Please do not go to the Practice in person.

Stay at home and telephone the practice.

You will be booked in for a telephone consultation with a Doctor in the first instance.
Again – please give the person answering your call and accurate number for them to ring you back.

If you need a routine appointment

Please do not go to the Practice in person.

Stay at home and telephone the practice.

You will be booked in for a telephone consultation with a Doctor in the first instance.

Routine Appointments

No on-line appointments will be bookable.
If you have an appointment already booked please be aware that the GPs are going to review these.

They will then contact you by telephone to discuss your needs. They will then either:

  • Deal with this over the phone;
  • Decide whether you need to visit the Practice;
  • Or see whether they can organise a video call with you for a consultation. If this can be done, the Practice will sent you a text message and you will need a smart phone to click on the link provided by them.


Please only visit the dispensary if it is really essential.
If you are visiting the surgery to hand in a prescription, please don’t go into the waiting room. Instead, please put your prescription in and envelope with “PRESCRIPTION” written on the front. Then put this into the letter box in the wall of the building on the right hand side of the main entrance door. This will save you visiting the waiting room.

It will be very helpful (if you have not already done so) if you would please arrange for your prescription to be sent directly to a pharmacy of your choice.
This would mean that a visit to the Practice would not be needed.

Private Medical Work

Any patients currently booked in for medical appointment will be contacted directly by the Practice.

Private medical work will be subject to delays because of the current situation.

The Waiting Room

The chairs in the waiting room have been re-arranged to allow extra space between patients. There are no magazines available at present so please take your own reading material in case you have to wait.

There is a temporary barrier in front of reception to allow some protection for our hard
working receptionists.

Routine Clinics (HCA and nurse led)

The Practice will contact you directly to discuss your appointment.

And Finally

All of the above will put huge pressure on the Practice telephone system and on the staff.

Please use the website “Ask a Doctor a Question” if you can. Please only telephone if you really need to.

You may have to wait for a long time for your phone call to be answered.

Please be as patient as possible.

Thank you