Studies Recruiting

Windrush Medical Practice participates in medical research projects vital in helping to improve clinical care and knowledge. Most of the projects we work on are connected to therapeutic interventions.

We are therefore pleased to give suitable patients the opportunity to participate in relevant studies many of which involve diagnostic tests and treatments which would not otherwise be routinely available.

We are one of the leading research sites nationally and are extremely grateful for the continued support of our patients. We have many studies either ongoing or recruiting:

COVID-19 Studies

We are one of the leading Covid-19 research sites in the UK. New urgent public health studies are opening all the time, and more will be coming soon to the Windrush. Please contact the practice if you are interested in being part of this research.

  • PRINCIPLE (Platform Randomised trial of Interventions against COVID-19 In older peoPLE) – This is our flagship study and is one of the 3 most important studies going on in the UK. It is open to all patients over 50 years old and is looking at the potential of existing medications as treatment for early COVID-19. If you start to develop any new COVID-19 symptoms, then please contact the practice.
  • RAPTOR This extremely important trial will be testing new testing procedures to more accurately diagnose COVID-19 and its antibodies.
  • VACCINE STUDIES A large number of COVID-19 vaccine studies are about to start. These studies will be vital in trying to improve our world. Please contact the practice if you would like to volunteer for these.


  • ECO (A study offering an education intervention to help patients self-treat eczema)

Mental Health

  • I-WOTCH (Improving the Wellbeing of People with Opioid Treated Chronic Pain)
  • HABIT (Insomnia study randomising sleep hygiene and sleep restriction therapy)

Heart and Kidney

  • OxREN/NEWKI (Oxford RENal cohort study)
  • TASMINH-5 (Improving self-monitoring of blood pressure to achieve better control)
  • Salt Swap (Dietary education and change in salt content in foods to improve blood pressure and health)
  • ATTACK (Studying the use of aspirin to potential protect patients with renal disease from heart attacks or stroke)


  • DECIDE (Multicentre Trial to Evaluate the Comparative Effectiveness of dapagliflozin and Standard of Care in Type 2 Diabetes)


  • CONDUCT (effectiveness and acceptability of two urine collection devices)
  • METRIC (Measuring Temperature in Children)
  • Dermol versus fusidic acid for treatment of impetigo
  • MERIT (Studying the potential benefit of D-Mannose as a prophylaxis in women with recurrent urinary tract infections)
  • CUTI (Testing Cranberry tablets as a treatment for early urinary tract infections)


  • STARR- 2 (Studying the different characteristics of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary care using near-patient testing and relating this to treatment responses during an acute exacerbation)
  • Novel START (Novel Symbicort Turbuhaler Asthma Reliever Therapy)
  • UNDERSTANDING RSV [snotty nose] – (Use of swabs from a baby’s runny nose to identify a measure to predict which babies are most at risk of developing severe respiratory disease. 3 year follow up.)

Clinical Practice Research Datalink

The practice is working with the Medicines & Healthcare products regulatory agency & National Institute for health research contributing anonymised data for the Clinical Practice Research datalink (CPRD).

CPRD data is used for approved medical and public health research including:

  • Investigating side effects of medicines
  • Investigating causes of disease and medical disorders and associated risk factors
  • Looking into the outcomes of treatments
  • Examining areas of unmet medical need
  • Identifying ways of improving screening or diagnosis
  • Evaluating which services or treatments work best

Find out more about CPRD.

RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre

The practice is working with the RCGP research and surveillance centre contributing pseudonymised data for national research and important public health surveillance (Covid-19, Influenza etc). This data enables continuous monitoring of infections and diseases in the community and is used in ethically approved research.

Find out more about RCGP.