Windrush Patients Groups

Welcome to Windrush Patients’ Groups.

Patients Groups? More than one?

Yes indeed – and they are here to help you and to help the Practice as well. Let us tell you more ….

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been active at the Windrush Practice since 2007. Every patient is a member by right. It is led by the Committee which consists of twelve members – almost all of whom are retired. Meeting every six weeks, they address issues within the Practice, improving the information area, responding to queries and helping the Practice staff whenever appropriate.

The Patient Reference Group (PRG) has been active since 2015 and is purely electronic so that you can keep up to date from the comfort of your own home. To date we have over 140 members and would welcome you. This is a dynamic group; as soon as there are five interesting things to tell you which involve our Practice and the local NHS, an electronic bulletin is sent. These recently included …

  • Notification of events (a recruitment day for the Ambulance Service and an opportunity to have your say on local changes to the services in Witney);
  • Opportunities take part in surveys – a recent one focused on local social care;
  • Queries from you, the patients, about issues such as transport, waste medication, etc which we are keen to address.

The bulletins come out about once a fortnight. They keep you up-to-date with changes in the Practice, local issues, events which may interest you relating to health and well- being and an opportunity for you to feedback your ideas and thoughts.

The PPG also produce a traditional printed newsletter available quarterly in the practice, and also reproduced on the Windrush Medical Practice website.

Annual meeting: we hold an annual meeting, usually on a Saturday morning in September, when we get together over a coffee / tea and biscuits so that you can meet your Committee face to face, hear what has happened in the last twelve months, and hear from a speaker on a topic of the day. Everyone is invited to this and it is advertised in the Practice and on the website and in local venues.

So why not join us today?

To find out more just e-mail and we will be pleased to send you more information and hopefully to add you to our circulation list.

Next Meeting Date: Saturday 16th September 2017

Refreshments from 10am and the meeting from 10.30am.

It will be as informal as we can make it, including a welcome to Robert Courts, our local MP who will talk on the development of the NHS in the next five years and options for funding of General Practice.