Fund Raising

Through patient donations we have already obtained:

  • A Heart Defibrillator. The funding for this Life Saving piece of equipment were from the National and local British Heart Foundation and the generous donations from the Windrush Patients. This device can ‘kick start’ a dying heart and if lucky convert an inevitable death into a full recovery.(£2700).
  • Ear Suction can be used to help infected or complex ear canals which ‘normally’ would have required the patient to travel to the Infirmary in Oxford. As far as we are aware, the Windrush is the only Practice in West Oxford which can offer this service. (£800).
  • Pulse Oximetry: This device measures how much oxygen is in a patients blood stream.
  • ECG machine (the Heart Analyser), was bought with money donated by patients, and as a result of a sponsored bike ride undertaken by practice staff.
  • A Digital Camera to send images to hospital consultants (often skin specialists, but also eye problems) for advice, opinions, or to better work out if or when a patient would need to be seen (£600).