Maternity Care

Community Midwives’ Office – Witney 708742

Now you are pregnant, What next?

During your pregnancy your midwife and GP will care for you.  Both hold antenatal clinics in the Windrush Medical Practice.

Pre-Natal Appointment

Newly pregnant women are seen by the Community Midwife around the 10th week of their pregnancy.  This is called the booking appointment and can take up to an hour. Your partner is welcome to attend.

The booking appointment provides a good opportunity to discuss maternity care, place of delivery, health and lifestyle issues and screening tests available.  Follow-up antenatal care is then tailored to meet individual needs.

The majority of care will be given by your midwife. However, you may have some appointments with your GP and/or at the John Radcliffe Hospital.
If you feel that you need to speak to a Community Midwife before your first antenatal appointment please either leave a message with the receptionist, or you can contact the Health Visitor via the Community Midwifes’ Office on Witney 708742.

Delivery of your Baby

Those women choosing to deliver in the community will be cared for by one of the Witney midwifery team when they go into labour.

Hospital staff will look after those choosing to deliver at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Coming home from hospital

When women and their babies come home from hospital they will be visited at home by a member of the community midwifery team.  The midwife will be able to give you care and advice on most issues concerned with having a new baby.

She will arrange further visits at home or at the midwives drop-in clinic, until the baby is 10-28 days old, when care is handed over to the Health Visitor.

Postnatal Appointment

The next time you are seen by the GP is at the postnatal appointment where any issues from the pregnancy can be dealt with.