Blood Taking

Your doctor must have organised the test first, either by giving you the forms, or by the Doctor arranging the forms with the blood nurse (this includes regular tests for such things as cholesterol, thyroid, lithium, Rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes).

Please note: Warfarin / INR tests cannot be done on Fridays.

Information about Blood Taking

Sometimes a bruise develops where the needle was inserted. The bruise can look dramatic, but it is harmless and will disperse with time (up to 3 weeks if the bruise is large).

To reduce the possible bruising, press over the site with cotton wool for at least TEN minutes with your arm straight (not bent).

Rarely, some people feel faint during or soon after a blood test. If you feel faint, please tell the person doing the test who will suggest that you immediately lie down to prevent fainting.

If your doctor has asked for a fasting blood test, please have nothing to eat or drink from Midnight, except water and medication, if necessary.