New bowel cancer screening programme soon to be available

Bowel Scope Screening is a one-off screening test offered to men and women at the age of 55 years old. Patients aged 56 to 59 are able to self-refer. It is a new modality of screening and will run in addition to the current FOBT screening test, which is posted to people’s home from the age of 60.

Bowel Scope Screening patients are invited into hospital to have a one-off flexible sigmoidoscopy procedure to find and remove any small polyps in the left side of the bowel, that could eventually turn into cancer. It has been demonstrated that participation in Bowel Scope Screening can reduce the incident of bowel cancer by 40% and reduce bowel cancer mortality by 50%.

As Windrush Medical Practice will be attached to the national database over the next few weeks, patients turning 55 years old will automatically be invited for screening.

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